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Maid Insurance Plan In Singapore

Essential Coverage Of A Maid Insurance Plan In Singapore

Hey guys, if you are looking to get an answer to the question “what does maid insurance cover“, then here we are here to help you out with it. We all can agree to the fact that finding the best-made insurance plan is quite tough in Singapore. This is because there are many factors to be considered in order to get the best insurance plan. 

The benefits of the insurance plan are not limited to the made but also rendered to the employer. As an employer, an offer made you will get certain benefits which are only applicable in certain circumstances. You should know about the benefits of essential coverages of a made insurance plan in Singapore. 

The decision regarding the insurance plan is taken to the coverage extent. You clearly do not want an insurance plan to not cover some serious expenses related to your maid. In order to avoid this, you must look out for an insurance plan whose coverage includes essential expenses. 

This will make sure that the maid gets financial assistance and also the employer in a much-needed situation. If you are looking for the essential coverage of a maid insurance plan in Singapore, then say no more. This is because, in this article, we will take a look at the essential coverage of a maid insurance plan in Singapore. 

Theft by the domestic worker

It is possible that your domestic worker turns on your back and steals something valuable or anything whose value is high. In this case, there are not many options available instead, to purchase a new one or get the maid to return it back. Here, both the plans are not possible because of many reasons which are quite obvious. Now, you can take the help of the insurance plan in order to get what you know. It is quite obvious that the insurance company will not return the same exact thing stolen but a value for it. By this, we mean that the insurance company will pay you back the monetary value of the things stolen. The insurance plan you are opting for must have a theft by domestic maid clause. This will be a huge benefit for you in the long run by taking a maid insurance plan with theft coverage. 


We all are under a serious pandemic where covid-19 has made our lives miserable. There is no way out of it rather than accepting the situation and writing it till the end. There are insurance agencies that provide coverage against the losses and expenses of covid-19 and also critical illness insurance Singapore in some cases. This clause must be present in the insurance plan for your product you are looking for. This clause benefits you as a family at a low cost of maid insurance. Looking for the coronavirus clause is a must while opting for an insurance plan. In this case, we highly recommend you to check out the covid-19 coverage where all the expenses will be made regarding treatments etc. 

Liability cover damages of the third party

There are possibilities that your made can cause trouble to the third party. This trouble can result in a huge amount of money that is to be paid back to the third party. In this case, you need to know about the liability of a third party damages clause which is included in the coverage of insurance plans for maids in Singapore. This clause states that if any damage is done to a third party by your made or domestic worker, the insurance company will pay the amount to sum it up. Not a single penny will be asked for from your pocket in order to repay the third party regarding damage done by your maid. This is also one of the major essential coverage of maid insurance in Singapore.

Compensation on wages

This is one of the most common coverages, which is found in almost every insurance plan for maids in Singapore. This clause states that if you are made sick or admitted to hospital, compensation will be paid to you. Death compensation is for hiring, and others made on a daily basis and to serve payment. it is quite obvious that if another mail is not hired, the work done will remain unfinished. In this case, compensation of on wages states that the insurance company will provide you daily payments which are to be made to the substitute. This payment will be routed to the employer for the services rendered by the original maid. 


If you are not aware of the term repatriation, then this is the one for you. Imagine, if your maid gets injured permanently or dies, the insurance company will take care of the remaining family members. The family members will be provided payment in order to return to their home country. All the preparations will be done by the insurance company in order to fly back the family members of the maid who died. In addition to that, if your maid gets permanently disabled, all the expenses will be incurred by the insurance company to send him or her back to their home country. To sum up all, this is the most commonly included coverage facility provided by made insurance plans in Singapore. 

Expenses of replacement

The use method is circulated in the public domain regarding insurance in Singapore. This method states that the insurance will only benefit the maid in case of any uncertainty. This statement is completely wrong because getting an insurance plan for your maid also benefits you in some circumstances. Imagine if your maid leaves the job or dies, you need to find a replacement for the work done. The insurance will pass on to another mail which is hired, and you will get money in order to pay your salary. The replacement cost and expenses will be provided by the insurance company in order to get the services of the maid again. Therefore this is also one of the essential coverage in insurance plans for a maid in Singapore.