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Things To Look Out When You Buy A Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one thing for your trip which you do not want to skip altogether so you can save some money.

Imagine you are traveling to a foreign country. Then you are stranded because the airline you were flying on had a problem. Now, you have no money left because you have spent everything during your vacation. Add to that the voice at the back of your head saying, ‘You should have bought that travel insurance!’

Indeed, this is not the best way to end your trip. 

Now, imagine how much calmer you can be knowing that you are covered during unexpected events. With just one simple act before you leave your home means you can have some peace of mind. This is true even if your bags do not arrive with you, you are robbed at the airport, or you are involved in a medical emergency.

The out of the pocket expenses during medical emergencies abroad can end you going bankrupt and this is no joke.

As such, learn your lesson now. Don’t be one of those travelers who end up being stranded abroad. Make sure that you get yourself that travel insurance now.

There are many travel insurance policies available in the market to choose. It is a hard choice to make especially that there is jargon to understand to get the policy that will suit your needs.

Thus, in this article, we will discuss some of the things to look out for when buying travel insurance:

Get the Duration Right 

In determining how many days you will be away, see to it that you get this right. If you miscalculate and have been gone more than what your policy covers, this will make your claim invalid. As such, attention to detail is very much important. This is true if you are searching for the best travel insurance.

There are insurance websites like Hong Leong Assurance that will allow you to input your departure and arrival date to avoid this mistake. See to it that you input the actual date when you will land at home. If you are flying to a country with a different time zone, you may arrive home a day after you left.

Report Your Pre-Existing Medical Condition 

In some travel insurance policies, pre-existing medical conditions are not covered. Not unless you declare it before signing up and you pay for extra.

The majority of the insurance providers have a list of pre-existing medical conditions with lower risk. Asthma is one of the illnesses on the list.

Indeed, it is important, to be honest with your insurance providers about any diseases that you have. If you have been seeing a physical therapist about a health condition in your back, then they need to be informed with that. For example, if your back aches during your travel and you need to see a doctor immediately, you can pay an expensive bill and sometimes it will not be covered if it is a pre-existing medical condition.

Do not think that you can easily get away because you did not declare something. If you need to claim your travels, the insurance company has the right to request access to all of your medical records. If they have found out that you did not declare about your pre-existing medical condition, then this will likely result in voiding your policy.

Make Sure That All Your Destinations Are Covered 

If you are visiting two or more countries, see to it that it is included in the travel insurance policy at Hong Leong Insurance that you have. When you avail of the travel insurance, the agent will ask which country where you will spend most of your time. If you have questions, make sure to ask the agent before booking. This is true if you are searching for the best travel insurance.

Extra Cover For Dangerous Activities 

Are you planning to go sky diving, bungee jumping, skiing, horse riding, or other dangerous activities? Then, check if the standard or off the shelf type policy can be able to cover you for these activities.

Some insurance companies will not cover you for these high-risk activities. But in most cases, you will just have to pay an extra to make sure you are covered in case something unfortunate happens. As such, it is best to call and check with your insurer before finalizing your policy.

Affording the Excess 

Similar to any other insurance policies, an excess refers to any claims you might make. For example, your luggage never arrives at your destination. Then, you file a claim for $2,000 to recover the costs. If the excess amount is $500, this means that you have to pay $500 to replace the items. Then, the insurer will provide you with the remaining $1,500.

The lower the excess, the higher the policy plans that you can have. The higher the excess, the cheaper the policy plans that you can have. It is very important to know that you can afford the excess. It is not recommended to go with a higher excess just because the insurance policy is cheaper.